One of the things that I love, love, love most about my job is finding incredible new designers. As you might imagine, we check out lots of new accessories. Lots. I’m constantly in awe by the talent out there, but if I’m honest, they’re not usually to be found in the most obvious of places (like the main bridal trade shows, White Gallery or The Harrogate Bridal Show, for example). So, when I chance upon a new collection that possesses that secret magical edge, my heart instantly beats that little bit faster.

Wilderness Bride is one such designer whose ethereal creations I immediately loved. As it just so happens, I’d been wanting to expand our bridal cover-ups collection for quite some time. After fruitlessly hunting high and low for new designs, we received some rather lovely showcards in the post, all prettily wrapped in brown kraft paper with a wax seal bearing the letter ‘W’. Wouldn’t you be intrigued by such a package?