A vintage inspired collection VIOLET 2015


The word “Violet” has multiple meanings. For me it represents a wild flower, a colour, a magazine, a spiritual connection, my favourite Downton character and a song by Hole!
I wanted to create a slightly urban mix and match collection with inspiration taken from real brides who had bought wilderness bride tops and jackets and paired them with true vintage dresses. I loved that my ‘nod’ to vintage was teamed with something true and decided to create more jackets and introduce a selection of veils. In the images you can see that I have chosen 1930’s and 1940’s dresses for the models to wear.

The Violet Midi dress is the beginning of my introduction to wilderness bride midi dresses. I feel midi dresses are perfect for petite brides who feel drowned in long dresses they are also perfect for cute urban, city weddings.  For this dress I have modified an old 1960’s dress pattern, even though I was concentrating on the 1930’s and 1940’s I couldn’t resist creating this dress. With the modifications I made to the pattern I challenged myself to make this dress relevant to the collection.

The idea of a veil was never very appealing to me I dislike the big, bouncy, gathered stiff tulle “regular” veils that are edged with ribbon and stick up and out in a bouffant way…absolutely not! To me a veil should compliment the style of your dress and hairstyle. So I set myself a challenge, I was to create a veil that worked for Wilderness Brides. I picked up an old veil pattern and set about making modifications snipping and rearranging until I had a basic shape that I loved. I didn’t feel that edging a veil in ribbon or binding is always necessary deciding that a raw edge blends with the dresses and gives a softer feel. I hand stitched three ivory corded lace appliques across the top of the veil and secured a comb underneath…this became my first ever veil, I gave it the name “Vivienne” after my mother and to this day it is by far my most popular veil. The rest of the veils flowed from this until I had key shapes to work with.  I am always aware of keeping things simple and feminine and the silhouette as a whole.


Taking something old and creating something new is what I love to do.