Everything that Wilderness Bride produces is made in England either in our own working studio by our in-house team of highly skilled seamstresses or with our accredited UK manufacturing factory. By using UK manufacturing we can guarantee a faster turn around time for our customers meaning that your products are made quicker and are in our studio quicker ready to send out to you. We are also bringing you the highest quality bridal wear using only specialist bridal seamstresses and we are reducing our carbon footprint by having everything made nearby.



As the main designer for Wilderness Bride I take inspiration from vintage dress designs especially those from the 1930s, 1940s, Victorian and Edwardian eras. I also like to take vintage patterns and re-work them to make them more relevant for todays modern bride. Not all of our designs are made this way, most are made from scratch but there is something incredibly sentimental about taking ‘something old’ and creating ‘something new’ an example of this design process is the ‘Ondine’ skirt which was developed from a vintage 1940s dress which I rescued from a charity shop, I loved the shape of the skirt in particular so I re-created the panels and made a longer train adding a wide structured waistband and optional pockets and teaming with our simple ‘Hali’ camisole to create a modern two-piece. I like to show that designs are vintage inspired without looking like a costume, the challenge here is to make the wedding dress more relevant and to incorporate our own simple style.



Here at Wilderness Bride we chose to do things a little differently and therefore invite you into our working studio in the heart of Manchester’s fashion district for your bridal appointment with us. You are welcomed into our industrial studio which is part of an old Mill which was built in 1824 and recently refurbished to house multiple creative businesses. Our studio neighbours include oil painters, graphic designers, play wrights, print specialists and many more. We love to be part of this creative hub and invite all future Wilderness Brides to-be to join us and not only try-on the entire collection but to meet our team, see where we work and sample our creative atmosphere which is not of your typical bridal boutique but somewhere unique to us and you-our customers.



Because we keep our manufacturing in-house and nearby, we have lots of control over what happens with each garment during the making process. This means that you can not only mix n match your outfit using the bridal separates but you can also request to have small changes made to your garments. This might include choosing one dress but using the sleeve from another and lowering the neckline. We have had previous brides choose two separate pieces and ask to have them made into a full dress, you can also request specific colour requirements like changing from ivory to champagne and we are now working on a new selection of optional embroideries designed especially for you. You are able to choose your embroideries and choose where to place them enabling you to have your own creative input into your own special gown.



We like to keep things simple here at Wilderness Bride so our dress collections are generally quite small and compact mostly consisting of around 7-9 dresses. This is because we like to tailor our designs to our specific Wilderness Bride customer which means we don’t bombard you with an overload of wedding dresses we simply design and make what is the natural transition from our previous designs all focused on a flattering silhouette and practical aspects of wearing a luxurious gown. Wilderness Bride collection pieces are all interchangeable and relevant to each other, we have a specific style that reaches out to brides who are wanting a natural and timeless, effortless and elegant feel. We occasionally offer limited edition dresses usually made from a rare fabric find, these limited-edition wedding dresses are incredibly special and are individually numbered like that of a limited artist print hopefully to be treasured forever.