How to stand out but remain understated on your wedding day

Do you want to achieve a jaw-dropping style your friends will be in awe of on your wedding day? If you want to stand-out but in that effortlessly cool way, read on.

Choose a main element– Usually when applying makeup, we are taught to either enhance lips or eyes, usually opting for your best feature. The same is true here, go with your best and most beautiful feature to showcase and enhance whether it be your legs, back or shoulders, the trick is to enhance this area by showcasing it and keeping everything else simple and flattering.

Your body shape-Remaining focused on just one area but most importantly the area that you love most about yourself will give you the confidence you need to be you on your big day! Being and feeling comfortable in your skin enables you to feel comfortable in your wedding dress this is why it is so important to consider flattering shapes for your body as opposed to what’s trendy at the time of your wedding according to your friends and sister-in-law!

Crescent dress & Blue veil By Wilderness Bride



presented or expresses in a subtle and effective way “understated elegance”

Example: Back & veil.

Here we have chosen to showcase the brides back with a showstopping open-back wedding dress which is beautifully framed with intricate lace details.

 We have also chosen to add a dash of colour with a blue fingertip length veil which is actually very simple and then highlighting the look with an ornate gold crown for maximum impact.

The bride can de-layer so to speak as the day progresses eventually having an evening look which consists of a jaw-dropping statement back wedding dress.


Conclusion: Avoiding all over obvious emphasis or embellishment and highlight your most favourite body area- this is how you achieve a stand- out style as the bride but in an understated elegant way.   #effortlesslycool #understatedbride #knock-em-dead