Loving WB but live in a different city/country? Searching the web for the right look, right price?

EXPERIENCE: WB offers our full collection online for a seamless, easy bridal experience. We know that WB brides are looking for relaxed, easy to wear bridal outfits and wedding dresses for laid back, sentimental weddings and these weddings happen all over the world! We got you covered, we understand that not everyone can make it to the studio to try our dresses however if you know what you’re looking for and like what you see, all of our products are available online.

Of course, the bridal experience has changed over the course of time and this includes buying bridal wear online. How the world has changed, but isn’t this for the better? Inclusive of everybody all over the world, we can create your dresses of dreams with a little communication combined with our expertise.

HOW IT WORKS: When buying from WB online you have the choice to buy from our standard size chart or submit your personal measurements for a more personalised fit. Most bridal wear will need alterations; we can’t guarantee a perfect fit however we can get as close to it as we can. For some items there are more options including colour and fabric choices.

Fabric swatches can be delivered to you so you can ‘feel’ the fabric and ‘see’ the quality, more detailed images can be sent and even little videos of the dresses and separates. There is also our website, blog and social media platforms for plentiful information about WB and our products, where we make them and how and what we recommend for you.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: We have an experienced stylist on hand ready to answer your queries at any time. Our most asked questions are below

  • Can we personalise sleeve lengths? Yes, absolutely! Certain sleeve options are available for WB wedding dresses. Simply enquire and speak to one of our trained stylists.
  • Can we make plus sizes? Of course! We provide a carefully considered selection of dresses made especially for a curvier shape. Our main collections are available in any size and we strive to provide multiple size options in our showrooms for a more comfortable trying-on experience.
  • Can we make petit sizes? WB has a selection of dresses designed for the petite bride, with this in mind we also offer all of our main collections in any UK size.
  • Can we personalise items? Depending on your requirements we are happy to personalise your wedding dress in anyway we can, simply contact one of our stylists to discuss your ideas.
  • Can we add pockets? WE LOVE POCKETS! So where possible we will certainly add them for you if you do so require.
DIFFUSION LINE: Our new diffusion line has been created for the online bridal shopper! Featuring elements of our signature wedding dress styles, shapes and colours we combined the need for a lower budget and a faster turnaround time.